Festival Detox

Indulgence is at its peak during the festive season. And, the past couple of months have been high on festivals on the Indian calendar.

With a little break before the start of Thanksgiving festivities lets set into a self-realization phase. A look at the weighing scale breaks the heart a little. Don’t ring the alarm bells yet, where there is a will there is a way. The wonder of Indian cuisine has the answer to all.


Who said eating healthy meant giving up on taste? Indian food is leaden with ingredients that are nutritious, healthy, and full of flavor. Here is a low-down of what to eat and what to avoid if you are looking for a detox post a festive season.

You must be familiar with the unpretentious, light and fluffy idlis. These delicious white spheres hail from the south of India. This rice preparation is a great source of carbohydrates. But, since it is steamed it is light on the stomach and has fewer calories.

The next recipe on our list is a favorite from the western state of Gujarat, dhokla. It is prepared from gram flour, which is fermented thus increasing its nutritive value. It is also steamed, which puts a minus in the calorie count. The low glycemic content of dhokla makes it great for diabetic patients.

Over to daliya now, which is a popular breakfast cereal made of whole and broken wheat. It can be prepared in both sweet and savory options. It is a complex carbohydrate and takes time to digest. But, at the same time it releases glucose at a slow and continuous rate making it an ideal recipe for people with diabetes or those looking to shed some weight.

It goes without saying that lots of water is a must for any detox plan or even otherwise. Though, if you are craving some other refreshing drinks then we have a solution for that too.

Buttermilk is amazingly healthy and awesomely delicious. It is low on calories and contains the goodness of yogurt and coriander leaves. Yogurt consumed in the form of raita is also a wonder recipe. It is filling with a crunchy flavor and is light on the stomach. Refreshing additions to your food!

So, don’t be fooled by the notion that Indian food is all about curries and calories. There are extensive varieties of exhaustive recipes of brilliantly healthy options. Whether you want to indulge during the festive period or detox after the heavy eating season, this cuisine is built for both.

Add some healthy Indian recipes to the mix as you kick start the detox plan. Don’t forget the work-out though. After all there isn’t any gain without some physical pain.

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