Say Thank You with Indian Food: Administrative Professionals Day is April 24th!

Ever wish you could have a productive lunch meeting minus the usual bland sandwich with too much soggy bread and not enough meat? What about that ubiquitous tray with the sad-looking veggies? You’re not the only one!

Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 24th so why not have lunch brought in for the office and say THANK YOU to all your administrative professionals with fresh, authentic Indian food?

It couldn’t be easier! Just browse our online catering menu and then send us an email or call in to one of our restaurants. Don’t have time right now? Download a PDF of our catering menu and decide later.

If you find your mouth watering while checking out the menu, don’t be surprised... it’s totally natural to imagine enjoying our creamy Chicken Tikka Masala curry complemented with the soft, light, hand-made naan flatbread. Mmmm… can’t you just taste it?

All you need to do is make a quick phone call: Saffron Bistro in Sugar House (801-203-3754), Saffron Canteen in South Jordan (801-438-4823), or Saffron Colonial in Downtown SLC (801-203-3325).

But wait! You don’t know what to order. And you definitely don’t have time to pick it up, set it up, or even make separate trips to grab some disposable plates, utensils, and napkins. That’s just too much work. 

No worries!  Saffron Valley has it covered, down to meal planning, delivery, set-up, and plastic ware - the whole shebang.

We can customize a catering order to fit any size and budget for everything from birthday parties and wedding dinners to chef tasting menu dinners and company events like monthly training sessions, working luncheons and annual holiday parties.

Whatever the event, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the delectable food, appealing presentation, and reliable service. Make a flavorful impression with some affordable and delicious Saffron Valley catering.

From our kitchen to your office. Now you can say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Claim it as your own idea- we won’t tell.  ;)

Looking for other ways to show your appreciation to the people who help keep the office running smoothly from behind the scenes? Check out these ideas.

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