New Beginnings: How to Order Healthy Indian Food at a Restaurant


After the holidays, the New Year’s resolutions begin and a lot of us focus on eating healthier. Eating right is easy to do at home, but what about the times when you’re going out with family or friends. Well, you can make healthy, better-for-you choices then too so here’s to new beginnings and a few tips on how to order healthy Indian food at a restaurant.

Once the waiter hands you a menu, check out the kebabs and dosas. Along with being on the lower calorie side, kebabs can help you keep the carbs down while giving you something to eat that’s filling since protein can make you feel full. Dosas are another healthier meal choice. Often compared to tortillas and crepes, dosas are round and flat. Indian restaurants use them as a base for other tasty additions like potatoes and green peas in addition to chicken tikka and sautéed vegetables combined with turmeric mashed potatoes. Gluten-free and vegan, dosas will help you stick to your eating plan, and they taste good while doing it.


With curries, we recommend keeping an eye on the portions. These traditional Indian dishes are savory, and as you take a bite, you’re sure to notice how they explode with flavor. Their yumminess makes it easy to get carried away when you’re dishing them onto your rice. Try to eat about half of what you normally would. At Saffron Valley in our Sugarhouse location, we allow you to special order your meal. Order your curry without butter or cream. Doing so makes the dish healthier without losing any of the flavor. You’re sure to like it just as much!


We bake our samosas instead of frying them. This eliminates a good amount of the fat while maintaining the rich taste. Along with ordering your curries without some of the high calorie ingredients, you can also get salads with dressing on the side.

When it comes to new beginnings and how to order healthy Indian food in a restaurant, our advice includes requesting the brown rice. It is whole grain, which makes it a healthier option, and just as delicious as white. With brown rice on your plate, you’ll be giving your body the fiber, vitamins and minerals it needs and wants. Your body will thank you for this little switcheroo.

If your friends invite you out to a restaurant for dinner, don’t miss out by staying home just because you’ve started a healthier eating plan. We have new menu items that include homemade soups and wraps. Many of these are low cal and healthy, making it easy for you to stay on your diet. In fact, a number of Indian dishes are diet-friendly without tasting like it. Come by and see us. While you’re here, enjoy a tasty Indian meal without cheating on a new beginning of healthy eating.