East India Cafe - Menu

Served with mint and tamarind chutneys

Crispy Fritters $7

Chick pea batter fried assorted seasonal vegetables

Samosas $6

2 crisp dumplings filled with spiced potato & peas

Delhi Chat $6

tangy potato & chickpeas, wheat crisps, chutneys, sweet yogurt

Dahi Poppers $6

Puffed crisps filled with spice mashed potato, tangy chutneys, sweet yogurt

Bhel Puri $4

crisp puffed rice salad with tangy chutneys

Pani Poppers $6

Puffed crisps, tangy mashed potatoes, onions, served with spicy tamarind water

Naan & Dips $7

Garlic hummus, Yogurt raita, cashew curry dipping sauce & warm Naan

Kheema Samosas $7

2 pcs of crisp dumplings filled with Lamb-Chicken mince, green peas and spices

Chicken 65 $9

South Indian style crisp chicken poppers

Bombay Sloppy Joe$7

luscious vegetable preparation served with warm toasted buns

Idly $6

3 pcs of steamed rice and lentil cakes served with sambhar and chutneys

Vada $6

3 pcs of savory fried lentil doughnuts served with sambhar and chutneys

Poori Bhaji $7

2 pcs of soft puffed fry bread served with potato masala

Toddy Shop Fry $9

choice of fried shrimp, calamari or sardines with our special spice

Served with salad and soup

Saffron Garden Wrap $8

potato vegetable croquette, chutneys, peppers wrapped in warm naan

Paneer Passion Wrap $8

grated cottage cheese, peppers, onions in warm naan

Chicken Tikka Wrap $8

tandoor grilled chicken, creamy sauce, crisp peppers, onions in naan

Rogan Josh Wrap $9

grilled lamb, makhni sauce, peppers, onions in naan

House Green Salad $6

mixed lettuce, seasonal vegetables, house dressing

Shrimp Taka Tak $9

Spicy sautéed shrimp with fresh ginger and cilantro, mixed greens

Calcutta Fish Salad $9

tilapia fillets shaped into oval cutlets, mildly spiced served on a bed of greens

Tandoori Ceasar Salad $8

clay oven grilled chicken, mixed lettuce, cheese, croutons, ceasar dressing

Served with sambhar (dipping soup), coconut and tomato chutneys

The Classic Masala Dosa $6

mashed spiced potatoes

Onion Rava Masala $8

Semolina, bombay potatoes, green onion, serrano chili

Mysore Masala $8

bombay potatoes, mysore chutney

The Spring $8

bombay potatoes, farm fresh vegetables

Panir Vegetable Medley $8

Crunchy veggies with Paneer in Madras Curry

Open Faced Utappam $6

Savory pancakes stuffed with onions, chilies, cilantro

Manchurian $6

Indo Chinese Manchurian spread

Kheema $8

Ground lamb/chicken, Egg (optional)

Chicken Tikka $8

grilled white meat chicken in a luscious onion tomato sauce

Madras Medley $10

Potato, onions and your Choice/combination of Chicken, egg, Paneer, vegetables

Served with steamed basmati rice

Panir | Vegetables | Chicken $12

Lamb | Goat (bone-in) | Fish | Shrimp $14


Chicken Tikka Masala

rich tomato onion sauce with a smoky flavor

Coconut Korma

creamy sauce of light coconut milk, nuts and spices

Three Saag

light and delicious sauce made with mustard, Swiss chard & spinach

Three Pepper Kadai

blend of green, red, yellow peppers and in a robust sauce


exquisitely spicy sauce of vinegar, potatoes, tomatoes, tamarind

Karaikudi Chicken

fennel, black pepper, cumin lend this sauce an earthy flavor


fairly hot curry, uses a robust blend of spices and chilli powder


creamy tomato based sauce with julienned peppers, dried fenugreek dust


slow cooked sauce of ginger, garlic, house spices, coconut milk

Dal Tadka $10

slow simmered lentils seasoned with onion, tomatoes, spices

Choose from vegetables, cauliflower, paneer, egg, chicken 11 or shrimp 12

Chilli Style

A spicy combination of onion, garlic, red chilies, soy sauce

Manchurian Style

Fritters cooked in a tangy sauce flavored with minced onion, ginger, garlic

Singapore Noodles

our version of the authentic 'sing chow mai' with a touch of ketchup and chilli sauce

Schezuan Fried Rice

Wok fried long grain basmati rice with hot chilli paste, soy sauce and vegetables

served with salad, soup of the day

Salmon Tikka $14

Fresh grilled salmon marinated with spices, sauteeed seasional vegetables

Malai Chicken Tikka $13

Yogurt, cream and spices, served with caramelized vegetables

Methi Lamb Chops $14

Garlic and fenugreek marinated Lamb Chops with spiced potatoes

Chicken Tikka $13

boneless chicken bites, clay oven grilled, served with vegetables

Shrimp Kebab $14

spice rubbed prawns grilled in the tandooor

Chicken Tandoori $13

spice and yogurt marinated half chicken roasted in the tandoor

Seekh Kabob $14

minced lamb mixed with ground spices and green herbs, roasted in the clay oven

Saffron Mixed Platter $16

combo of panir tikka, malai tikka, chicken tikka, seekh kebab, shrimp kebabs

Hara Bhara Chicken $13

tandoor baked chicken bites, infused with green spices, herbs and flavors

Panir Kebab $12

grilled panir with a filling of mint chutney, marinated in yogurt flavored with spices

Hand-Tossed Tandoori Breads

Classic Naan $2
Garlic Naan $3
Plain Tava Paratha $3
Onion Chilli Kulcha $4
Garlic Cheese Naan $4
Chilli Cheese Naan $4
Chicken Naan $4
Aloo Tava Paratha $4
Gobhi Tava Paratha $4
Bread Basket $10

Choice of any 3 Naans

Served with yogurt raita

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani $11

boneless chicken, basmati rice, cooked with house blend masala

Akbari Gosht Biryani $12

slow cooked goat meat, basmati rice, mint and spices

Vegetable Biryani $10

slow cooked vegetables, spices and basmati rice

Egg Biryani $10

madras style biryani with 3 hard boiled eggs

Panir Biryani $11

delicious tadka biryani of panir, spices and basmati rice

Shrimp Biryani $12

luscious slow cooked biryani made with prawns, spices, cilantro

Lamb Biryani $12

medium spiced biryani made with cubed leg of lamb, yogurt, spices and basmati rice

Cucumber Raita $3

Housemade yogurt with cucumber, caraway and cumin

Pappad $3

Roasted lentil crispies

Aachar Pachranga $2

Spicy mixed Indian pickle with mangoes, lotus root, turnips, carrots, lemon and chilies

Mango Chutney $3

Sweet relish made from mangoes, herbs and spices

Warm Gulab Jamun $4
Warm Gulab Jamun with vanilla ice cream $5
Kulfi Trio $4

Mango, Saffron, Pistachio

Rasmalai $4

Melt in your mouth Bengali sweet made from whole milk

Saffron Banana Split $6

Vanilla, strawberry, mango icecream, banana, cherries, nuts

Rice Pudding $4

Creamy rice cooked with milk, cardamom, nuts, raisins

Still Water $2
Sparkling San Pellegrino $2
Sodas- Coke | Diet Coke | Dr.Pepper | Sprite | Lemonade $4
Iced Teas- unsweeted | raspberry | blackberry $3
Mango Lassi- classic mango and yogurt fusion $3
Strawberry Lassi- strawberry and yogurt shake $4
Juice- Orange | Pineapple | Mango $3
Madras Filter Coffee $3
Bombay Masala Chai $3
Hot Teas- Darjeeling / Herbal/ Green/ Ginger Twist $3

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